To schedule a reading:

1. Make payment below first. (You need not have a PayPal account to use their payment button; you can pay by debit or credit card.)

2. After payment is made, text me at 1 617 417 7624 to schedule a time for the reading if it is a telephone reading. If written, email me at with:

a. For an Animal Communication Session by email, include your first name, your pet’s name, gender, species, and whether it is alive or passed on. Include either 1-2 questions or up to 6 questions, depending on the length of the reading.

b. For the Intuitive Session by email, include your first name and either 1-2 questions or up to 6 questions, depending on the length of the reading.

Cancellation policy: Money will be refunded minus bank minimal charge with 48 hour or more notice. Please understand that a refund for not showing up for an appointment cannot be made. No exception.

For a limited time, Lesley is offering special pricing for a written psychic reading. The cost is $45. You provide the necessary information. If a pet: name, species, gender, alive or passed on, and the name of your animal as well as your first name. You will also need to provide two questions you want answered, and your email address.

This is a great opportunity for a gift certificate for a friend or a loved one. It also gives you the option to have a quicker reading as Lesley can do it on her own time.

Animal Communication
Reading for One Pet or a Gift Certificate
~ or ~
Intuitive Reading for You
or a Gift Certificate

PLEASE NOTE: Readings by Lesley Levine are not a substitute for professional services and should not be construed as guidance of any form on financial, psychological, or health-related issues for you or an animal of yours. For such matters, you should seek advice from an appropriate and qualified expert in said field. By agreeing to a reading by Lesley Levine, you agree that you are responsible for your own well-being and that of your animal as well.