Questions Frequently Asked
before communicating with a pet

1. What do you need to know before the reading?
I need to know your first name, if I don’t have that yet, and the telephone number you would like me to call you on. Initially I connect to you, as you have the closest relationship with your animal. I also need the following information about your pet: His/her name, species, gender, and whether she/he is alive or in spirit. I will call you on the telephone number you give me at the agreed-upon time for the reading.

2. Do I come to your office or do you come to my home?
We do the reading over the phone. I prefer the phone to Zoom/Skype/etc. so I am not distracted by anything I might see. I will call you at the agreed-upon time for the reading!

3. Does my pet need to be present in the room with me?
No. Your pet can be asleep in another room, out with your partner on a walk, or with your brother in another city!

4. Can you talk to my pet that has passed on?
Absolutely! Just like a medium speaks with deceased people, I can talk to your pet on the other side. This is one of the most rewarding types of readings for me to be able to give you messages from your pet that is still watching over you and sending you love.

5. Will my pet be angry at me for helping her/him pass?
No! This is all part of a plan you and your pet made before coming to Earth! How you handle your pet’s passing is all part of the Earth experience.

6. Can I find out if my pet is ready to pass on?
Yes, I can give you input from your pet.

7. Can I ask my pet questions?
Yes, I encourage you to think of a question or two before the reading to ask your pet for the 25-minute session and up to six questions for the 45-minute session.

8. If I have more than one pet, can you talk to all of them?
Yes. My longer Animal Communication sessions work best for that. If you have more than two pets, text me the number of animals you want me to speak to, and we can talk about the best way to handle that.

9. Do you ever do shorter sessions?
Yes, I can schedule a 15-minute reading after you have had a longer session with me to check in for a question or two. Please text me to schedule that and handle the payment.

10. Can I get my money back if none of it makes sense to me?
Sorry, I do not give refunds after a reading has been done. I encourage you to take notes during the reading. Sometimes, we need to think about what has been said for a day, week or even longer for something to make sense to us.

11. Can I record the session?
Yes, you can record the session, if you would like.

12. Tell me about the readings you do that are received in written form instead of a telephone session.
If you are too busy to make a phone appointment for a reading, live in a different time zone where we just can’t find a time that works for both of us, or want your reading faster than a phone-appointment-time will permit, I can provide you with an email-form of a reading. For this, I will need your email address, of course, as well as a question or two that you have for your animal.

13. How should I prepare for the reading?
Please find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed during the reading.