How My Intuitive Skills Can Help You

Lesley LevineLike all of us, I am sure that my intuitive and psychic abilities were prominent as a child. They withered away in adulthood, because we are discouraged from using all of our senses. My psychic ability, though, made a grand re-entrance into my life in my early 30’s. My husband Bill and I were drifting off to sleep when I told Bill that I had just had a strong vision of my beloved Aunt Yetta crying.

“Something's terribly wrong,” I said. Bill dismissed this vision as a dream. However, I knew it was a true spiritual energy connection with my aunt. Indeed, Aunt Yetta’s husband died—a traumatic event that further wreaked havoc on the last years of her life as she struggled with her stepsons over estate issues.

Right then I knew that I had untapped psychic ability. Soon after this episode, I left my career in banking and was able to combine my love of animals and business acumen to create a successful pet-sitting and doggie play group business. And then, my husband and I were blessed with two sons to raise. Thus, my interest in strengthening my psychic ability to help others was on the back-burner for 30 years, but had by no means disappeared. My husband will attest to this by presenting evidence of a bookcase full of volumes dealing with the sixth-sense side of life.

Recently, I greatly downsized my pet business, albeit with a big nudge from Covid-19, with the goal of launching a new career as an Animal Communicator. I see this venture as extending my dog whisperer abilities developed over 30 years to telepathically communicate with our canines to facilitate the human/dog bond. In formally studying animal communication, I had the opportunity to take an introductory intuitive awareness class. I loved this course and decided that I wanted to expand on the intuitive ability that flashed 30 years ago. But I wanted to do it right to be of optimum service to my clients. I did a lot of research to find Isabeau Maxwell, founder of the Sage Method. The tenets of the Sage Method are:

Certified SAGE PractitionerCertified SAGE Practitioners have been tested, trained, and certified for their intuitive abilities. They hold themselves to a higher set of Spiritual Ethics. Thus, by using a Certified SAGE Practitioner, you know you are working with someone who is ethical, honest, and accurate.

I completed the one-year Sage Method Certification Program that required that I do 120 hours of evaluated one-on-one psychic readings and check in regularly with my mentor, Isabeau Maxwell, so I can use my experience to help you with life’s decisions and life’s concerns, both mundane and ethereal.

What To Expect During A Reading

~ FAQ ~

Let me give you a little preview of what my readings are like. I connect to your energy right before our call. My guides send me pictures, many of which are animals! I meditate on the meaning of the animal or picture, and when we talk, I ask if the meaning makes sense to you. If it doesn’t make sense today, it might in the near future. I request you be prepared to ask me between five and ten questions before I call you. I may answer them with intuition, the tarot cards or a pendulum. Remember, free will is always involved, so answers involving time, especially, can change. You can ask questions about people who are close to you, but the questions should involve you as well (with the other person). It would not be ethical for me to “tune into” someone who has not given permission to do so.

One last note … I am a Psychic, not a Medium. I do not see or talk to dead people at this time.