quoteI have had animal communication and psychic readings from Lesley. Lesley was accurate and insightful doing both kinds of readings.

When she read the animals in my life, she explained to me what they were here to teach me at a soul level. I was truly amazed at her ability to connect with my animals as well as her ability to identify through the animals the areas of my life that I needed to work on. She was very accurate and really nailed the animals' personalities. After reflection, it became clear that she was receiving the information from the animals and the lessons they were teaching me were things I needed to work on in order to have a more fulfilling life.

Lesley also gave me a psychic reading concerning a move I want to make. Her psychic guidance has helped me figure out what kind of property I need and the land features necessary for me to find the most happiness and contentment.

I highly recommend a reading from Lesley!

— Margaret H., Virginia

quoteLesley is a talented, witty, and creative psychic. She keeps you involved in your reading, making it enjoyable and feeling like you are on a mini adventure exploring what your guides and angels have to say to you. She repeats questions to you to insure she is asking for the correct information. Then she explores the questions and makes sure you understand the answer.

You feel like you are talking to your best friend even though you may have just met over the phone for the first time. I highly recommend her for an enjoyable reading whether it is psychic, tarot cards or pendulum questions.

— Kellie C., Minnesota

Lesley’s reading was accurate but more importantly — given with compassion and sensitivity — setting my mind at ease. She was very patient with my many questions about a particularly difficult situation I was going through.

— Linda B., Massachusetts

My reading with Lesley was an extremely COOL experience. More specifically, I would call it intriguing, insightful & thought-provoking – a wonderful opportunity for self-reflection.

Initially, I really didn’t know what to expect, but Lesley guided me through the reading with a gentle authority that was both nurturing and matter-of-fact -- which completely put me at ease. As a gifted intuitive, she had received information about me in advance of our reading, so she walked me through her imagery, explaining the impressions that had flowed in and adding in potential interpretations – while also keeping the door open for me to respond and add my own perceptions to the mix. After that, she pulled Tarot cards for me in relation to questions I had and areas where I sought guidance, and offered very detailed descriptions of what they showed and what she felt it might mean. So, it was a beautiful interactive experience – a very intimate conversation, actually.

Much of the information was surprising at first, but it also made a lot of sense in regards to both my key interests in life and my overall frame-of-mind. Lesley continually asked me if I had additional questions, and if I stumbled or got tongue-tied, she encouraged me with gentle suggestions and prompts.

Overall, I found the reading to be both beneficial and fun. It was a very loving gift to have given myself, and I’d recommend a reading with Lesley to anyone who is on a spiritual path. Grateful for the experience.

— Libby Rogers, Texas

After breaking my leg, I was nervous about getting out and walking with him again. Through several sessions, we worked through the specific behavioral issues one by one. Not only does Lukas now listen to me when he's off leash, but I've learned that he's my protector. I just needed to show him that I'm okay and he can hang out with me — while still watching out for moose. I also learned that he has a larger lesson for me: stand up for myself, get past my fears and be strong. He's helping every day become the best version of myself.

— Julie H., Alaska

quoteFROM LUKAS: Lesley gave my Julie the confidence I know she has but has lost over the last few years. In talking to Julie through Lesley, I was able to show Julie how strong I know she is. How I'm taking up the mantle from the dogs in Julie's life that came before me. And how we're all working together for Julie's greatest and highest good. Lesley is an amazing and compassionate communicator and I'm glad she could help my Julie and I connect and start our work together.

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