Deepen Your Love for Your Pet

For a lover, the most important thing is to know what the beloved is thinking or feeling. If you are an animal lover, strengthening your connection with the most sincere of friends will be immensely meaningful.

Lesley Levine, sharing your love for pets, helps you understand what your pet is thinking using her extensive animal communication and pet psychic knowledge.

If you wonder why your cat hides when you mention a vet or your dog begins to run around excitedly when you plan to go out to play, take help from Lesley, who explains to you animal behavior so that you get to know your pet medium better.

How Animal Communication Works

During the animal communication session, Lesley explains to you how very often animals try to communicate to you through body language and how your body language affects the animals around you. The expert animal intuitive helps you get closer to your animal and know better the things your pet tries to tell you. They say the eyes of the animals have the power to speak to you, but sometimes connecting on a mental level helps you in taking better care of your pet and forming a more profound bond.

Another aspect of animal communicator is the use of telepathy or intentional thought to communicate with the animals. In this session, you are explained how to use your mind to communicate more clearly with the animals.

About Lesley Levine

   Making a Change in the Lives of Animals!

Lesley Levine, a passionate animal lover, has many feathers in her cap. She is a successful pet-sitting business owner, a pet owner herself, and a degree holder in Spanish Language and Literature. She channeled her love for animals through her spirituality and professional animal communication skills that have enabled her to forge more strong bonds between the pets and the owners.

She loved communicating with the animals and helping the owners to understand better what their pet needs. Likewise, the pets get a clear signal of what goes in the mind of the owner. It is something that makes a difference in the lives of animals and people.

Lesley perfected her skills by studying animal communication with Penelope Smith decades ago and most recently with Daniel MacKinnon for over a year.

To complete her intuitive certification, she conducted over 120 hours of psychic consultations under the guidance of Beau Maxwell, founder of the Sage Method. The hundreds of communication sessions honed her skills and trained her to help people get closer to their pets.

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